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Luxxe Protect Grape Seed Extract 30 Capsules

Luxxe Protect Grape Seed Extract 30 Capsules

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Hailed as the Most Potent Energizing Supplement. Luxxe Protect is an powerful antioxidant that energizes the mind, body and relaxes blood vessels. 100% made with Pure Grape seed Extract. 

By supplementing with Grape seed extract (GSE), you’ll reap the benefits of better heart, brain, kidney, liver and skin health.

  • More potent than Vitamin C and E.
  • Take 2 capsules daily before meal with 8-16 ounce of water
  • Grape seed Oil 500mg* and Vegetable capsule*
  • Enhances Wound Healing and Appearance
  • Fights stress.
  • Fights fatigue.
  • Noted to reduce the risk of heart disease. 
  • Grape seed oil offers great benefits to our skin and heals wounds rapidly. 
  • Can Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Can Improve Blood Flow
  • Could Reduce Oxidative Damage
  • May Improve Collagen and Bone Strength
  • Supports Your Brain as It Ages
  • Can Improve Kidney Function
  • Can Inhibit Infectious Growth
  • May Reduce Cancer Risk
  • May Protect Your Liver
An answered prayer for all workaholics out there. 

You can now look refreshed and always feel well rested with Luxxe Protect.
Your shield against stress! Protect yourself and be stress-free while keeping yourself active, productive and healthy!